Should You Get A Roof Replacement Or Roofing Repair?


Should You Get A Roof Replacement Or Roofing Repair?

Should You Get A Roof Replacement Or Roofing Repair?

What kind of roof work do you want?

As the owner of the house, you should be observant of the changes inside your home. When you see a yellowed part of a wall, a cracked paint, or a flaking wall paper, you should immediately make an inspection since these are signs that you have a leakage on that section of your roof. Other visible signs of a damaged roof is that in some areas you can see the flashing coming loose or an accumulating debris in the gutter that cause for it to leak. You will have to immediately call for a roofer that are experts in these things to address these concerns in order to end the damage before it becomes a serious roof problem.

Roof replacement or Roofing repair

Upon inspection, the roofer can already give his assessment on what roof job to be done. They can give you options if your roof needs to be replaced or can still be repaired. Here are some information regarding the two options that can be your guide personally and not just depend on what the roofer tells you.

For roof replacements:

  • If your roof have reached severe damage like it will fall off already or a tear where the leakage started which caused the hole in your roof underlayment, then you need for it to be replaced.
  • If there’s a damage in the roof underlayment, in which its actual design is to be the water proofing component of the roof, then its main purpose is already compromised.
  • An irremediable roof failure that resulted from previously wrong choice of materials and incorrect installation of a roof system does need a replacement.
  • One hindrance in a roof replacement project is that it is dependent on the current weather in the work location. The weather should be considered in order for the contractors to finish the job on time and weigh weather-related delays as well. They have to put up precautions, like in a rainy day, a plastic sheet or a tarpaulin as a covering should be installed to protect the house interiors and to keep it dry.

For Roofing Repair:

  • Roof recovery is by placing a new roof over the existing one. It can be done only once in connection to building guidelines that you cannot have two roof placement in a house or a building. The consideration here is the capacity of the roof structure to carry additional load. This may cause the roof support to crack or in a worst scenario, it will break and fall. This may cause more damage to the house and the people in it.
  • Wet insulations shouldn’t be left as it is to ensure durability and to avoid moisture to seep in and may cause future damages.
  • The new roof must be fastened to the roof deck to intersect wind loads when encountered.
  • The time and labor cost is lesser, but will be depending on the extent of the roof damages to be repaired.

May it be a roofing repair or a roof replacement, it is best to be considered as a major home improvement project. It requires a cash outflow on the home owner’s side. Roofing materials to be used should be chosen wisely and appropriately. The market is offering a wide selection of roof materials to choose from but it will be dependent on the specific roof design and roof system needed to procure to meet your house requirements. By completely studying the pros and cons of a home project, you can save time spent on it. A much lesser need of money for materials and labor costs and avoiding future roof problems to happen again. After all, having a good night’s sleep is the main reason of it all, when it is already finished. And of course, it should be correctly done from the beginning up to the end.

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