Free Wind Mitigation Reports for All Central Homes Roofing Customers

Reduce costs of insurance for up to five years

Free Wind Mitigation Reports for All Central Homes Roofing Customers

Reduce costs of insurance for up to five years
Free Wind Mitigation Reports for All Central Homes Roofing Customers

Wind mitigation is the reduction of potential damage by looking for key features. It can lower homeowners’ insurance and create a safer home, especially in places where harsh weather conditions are normal.

Central Homes Roofing is now offering wind mitigation reports to all clients for free with the purchase of their roof.


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Wind mitigation specialists look for key features and add-ons that reduce the potential of damage. This is especially important in a state like Florida, where hurricanes are an expected occurrence. Floridians can experience the benefits of lowered homeowners’ insurance and a safer home, even when facing harsh weather conditions.


Wind mitigation improves your roof’s ability to stand up to harsh weather, including hurricanes, which ultimately leads to a safer home for your family. Because the roof has additional measures taken to secure parts of the roof there is a lessened chance of debris coming into the home during a storm.


Homeowners’ insurance providers will apply discounts in your policy for having wind mitigation completed after your new roof is installed. Savings can exceed 88% on wind and hurricane premiums.

Premiums on homeowners’ insurance usually skew more expensive due to the risk of wind damage. However, you can lessen those premiums with proof of your home’s security. This can result in significant long-term savings for you and your family.

What is Checked During Wind Mitigation?

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During your wind mitigation service, your home will be inspected for specific features designed to heighten the durability of your roof in the face of extreme weather circumstances. Inspectors are looking for and considering:

  • Secondary water resistance
  • Roof-to-wall attachment
  • Roofing coverings and installation specifics
  • Shape of roof
  • Style of roof
  • Roof deck attachments
  • Opening protection


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All wind mitigation services through Central Homes Roofing are provided by a third-party licensed wind mitigation specialist. As a Central Homes Roofing client, this service is brought to you completely free after a new roof installation and can be scheduled at your convenience.


All wind mitigation services must be scheduled for after the completion of the new roof installation. The inspection itself will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. To speed up this process, we recommend you check access to attic and prepare any documents about the roof. This will make the wind mitigation service quick and easy for both you and the specialist.

The presence of water barriers, roof to wall attachment, roof deck attachment, and window and door coverings, are all taken into consideration during the inspection.


Unless significant changes are made to the home, your wind mitigation inspection will be good for five years from the date of inspection.
If you’re planning to replace your roof and want the added benefit of wind mitigation completely free of charge, give us a call for a free estimate including this free add-on service.

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Are Wind Mitigation Reports Required in Florida?

Wind mitigation reports are not required by Florida law. However, they are a great precaution and can have multiple benefits as already demonstrated. Living in a state like Florida where hurricanes are a yearly concern, having the peace of mind your roof is fully protecting your home is worth the time it takes to schedule a wind mitigation report.

The results of the wind mitigation report will help you to decide on future home improvements to better protect your home against storms. Plus, you’ll most likely be saving significant money on your homeowners’ insurance making it a win-win. Your insurance premium will never go up as a result of this report. It can only go down.

Florida Homeowner Discounts

When you purchase a new roof through Central Homes Roofing you will now receive a wind mitigation report completely free. This offer is extended to all qualifying customers who have their roof installed by Central Homes Roofing.

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